Trinity Sunday

What is your definition of Trinity? How would you present our idea to someone that was unfamiliar with religious aspects of divinity? For us, Mother/Father, Son, Holy Spirit are aspects we hear all the time, yet one personal idea can have a less complicated, more simplified concept. Why have a Trinity at all? Why not just God, or Jesus, or Heavenly Father, or Holy Mother, or Lord Christ, or the many other ways we can personalize that which cannot be named?

The concept of Trinity is to give intent to the three prime aspects of our Creator. We have to know aspects from traits. Aspects are creator, wisdom, co-creator, or ways to describe prime parts of oneness. Many times Jesus says, “I and My Father are One.” Traits are the other way we give intent to divinity, with jealous or angry or vengeful. I cannot imagine what was lost in translation when what was an oral tradition became a written language.

Yet we still must realize we are children of God, and just like our children, we grow and change our language. Our children begin with Mama, Dada. We become Mommy and Daddy, to Mom and Dad, to Mother and Father, and sometime to co-equal status and our children call us by our given name. We are children of God, and our names of our Creator will change also. We have Mother/Father, Son Christ, and Holy Spirit.

We have the daunting task of trying to become as familiar with our spiritual or unseen self as we are with our seen self. That’s what we’re up against, this idea that we can give enough intent to the naming of something spiritual and make it visual in the here and now for all to see. And we simply cannot. We have the best of both worlds. We can use our child-like nature to find ways to describe something we adore, and we can develop our spiritual nature to come to a realization of our spiritual presence. All are one. One God, one Source of all life, one Creator given three aspects to aid us, the children, with our struggle of realizing Self, our true nature.

And we do struggle to try to become the many faces we have taken on. We try to be the good child, the straight-A student, the perfect parent, the best friend, the better half. No wonder we have identity crises daily and then we try to find ways to identify the Creator. We can look all the world over, but until we find identity within, peace of mind, instead of struggling to become vibrant, calm bodies, instead of chaotic bodies, starved of affection, how can we create love? Until we quiet our emotional bodies, instead of tossing about on a sea of endless desire, needing to shoulda – woulda – coulda each day away, until we live in stillness, a land of deep meditation and contemplation, instead of a world in crisis, anguish, and despair, we will not realize Self, the one true aspect of Trinity where we know as we are known.

The Trinity within body – mind – spirit, the Trinity within Mother/Father – Son – Holy Spirit, will be just a world of confusion. We have the capacity to change our reality from one of limited possibility to unlimited possibilities, from a life of confusion and chaos to a life of calm and clarity. We are the instrument of peace and the voice of love. We are the children of God and can become the conscious co-creators of the world to come.

How do I define Trinity? Love – Wisdom – Light, three aspects of one idea, three words of one thought.

And now to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, three Persons in one God, be ascribed as is most justly due, all honor, power, might, dominion, now, henceforth, and forevermore. Amen.

Lee Dunn

June 19, 2011

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