“And he was transfigured before them (on the high mountain): and his face did shine as the Sun, and his garments became white as the light.” This passage from Matthew 23 is showing us this transformation of the Christ soul to exalted spiritual condition, where more and more of the divine nature of the spirit descended upon him and was reflected in his expression of truth. The without became as the within, and the harmony of union with body, mind, and spirit being perfect exteriorly as interiorly. So we see the work of transfiguration begins as a work of transformation, something we can all do.

The time is not tomorrow, it is now; but the work of transformation is dependent upon practices. We can be given all the best theories in the world, but these will be useless unless they are put into practice. When it comes to practices, each human being is unique; the same practice may produce different results in different people. Meditation, yoga, tai-chi are all tools that may be useful to some, but for the conditioned mind to lead itself out of its own trappings is very difficult, if not impossible. And because it is difficult, it could be dangerous to assume that the same things will benefit all people.

The purpose of all practice is transformation. Some think that practice are for self- development when in fact they are for the transformation of the self. Transformation involves sacrificing our concepts of the self. It involves real change, and for something new to come about, something else has to die away. I practice tai-chi, and we say we will change ourselves cell by cell. We will look at all that we do in our daily lives to see how, when, and where we are losing chi (energy) and creating room for stress and tension. Our condition is a result of our own creation. Transformation happens to us and for us, depending on the degree of work that we do.

People often talk about working on themselves. What does this mean? When you work on yourself, what is working on what? Can you transform personality with personality? If you try to destroy the ego with ego, you create a thousand-headed serpent. So how do we do it? It is said that love can turn even copper into gold. Love will melt the personality, because love redeems all into itself. We have to love ourselves and allow ourselves to be love, to be transformed into the fire of love.

And where is this fire formed? In our hearts. There is an opening at the heart that can come about only when we have gained freedom from the dominance of our lower nature, and from this, dormant faculties and intelligences will begin to awaken. As we move our center into the heart, a higher energy is released. The habitual patterns start to dissolve and higher impulses begin to move us.

The key to opening the heart has to do with breath, and the attitude of service. In Hawai’i there is a greeting of Aloha, which I will loosely translate as “breath for breath we give reverence to God.” If we can learn to breathe out love from the heart in service to all around us, then we are helping in God’s work. We are given the opportunity as human beings to participate in the divine plan. In the arms of God’s compassion, we discover our true nature to be one with the Beloved and fulfill God’s will on earth. We are the bridge between heaven and earth, and we can return to God through the sacrifice of all that we think we are, and at the same time becoming a channel for the divine will to manifest on earth. We turn to God so that the will of God may manifest through us. This is the sacrifice of oneself in transformation, and it can only happen from the heart. As we serve others, so we serve God.

Lee Dunn

January 29, 2006

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