Lent 4, Spiritual Refreshment

The world needs us. There is so much pain, so much suffering, and not just in the physical bodies. But the emotional and mental bodies is where most of the pain lives. And we can help. We have something to give. To be of service is a great joy. There are so many people who need help, who long for freedom, who need love. It is up to us, to “we who have been refreshed with Thy heavenly gifts,” to help heal the pain of the world.

To call to aid, the assistance of God, of love and light within, for only love can redeem the world, is available. Remember you are a child of God, and any parent will answer the call to aid of their child. Now is a good time to sit back and study your mind and watch the thoughts that claim your attention and learn to discriminate between them, to know their source. Are they your own creations or someone else’s? And particularly note how many of the negative ones are your own, and how they keep coming back to be fed by more of the feelings that gave them birth and have kept them alive.

Voicing such thoughts definitely and speedily out-manifests them, for the spoken word is far more potent than the thought and makes it live once sent forth on the breath. We must carefully examine every thought and feeling, and if there are any negative ones—fear doubt, worry, anger, self-pitying, hate, jealous ones—it is only self crying out, thinking of itself first, not concerned with others.

You might argue that healing first begins with me, and you would be right. However, no healing can be accomplished without love. Remember, you are a child of God to whom none of these negative and imperfect things can apply, and they are only creations of your human mind that thinks itself different from you. Turn your mind’s atttention to what you really are, and think of and picture in your mind’s eye your real qualities, knowing that you are a creation and image of God. Here the real joy will begin to be felt. Here you will be inspired by thoughts you know are of God. Let His love motivate and vitalize every one of them so that “they may be pure and acceptable in Thy sight.”

Then we can begin to build in the new conditions that we wish to have manifest in our daily lives. To turn completely toward truth and love is to surrender everything we are and everything we know. This is the spiritual death from which can emerge the real self. We need to make a decision. Are we prepared to die? Do we want freedom? Do we believe that from this death can come the freedom of being, being human? Everything must go, all the resentment, envy, and pride, all the fear, guilt, and grief. If we can let it all go, we are refreshed. We are opened to the healing we need and willing to give the world the healing that it needs. We who have been spiritually refreshed have something to give back, “with joy and gladness, with true and thankful hearts.”

Lee Dunn

March 14, 2010

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