Advent 2, Self-Forgetfulness

There are times during these longer nights and shorter days that have us feeling smaller, weaker, less confident of our successes. We sometimes fall in to depression, something like “cabin-fever” or lowness of heart. In the season of winter, of darkness and cold, we can turn our thoughts from all outer conditions and look inward, look less at our lower self and more to the higher self.

What is the lower self and higher self? They are two modes of the Divine Life; one, the Higher self, the Christ within, is wise and all-perceiving; the other, the lower self, is ignorant and acquiring knowledge.

We are asked in today’s Epistle to comfort together, edify one another, be at peace, comfort the feeble-minded, support the weak, be patient, follow that which is good. When we do these things, we forget ourselves and are acting with Love-Wisdom, that which is highest in us. We are seeing that which is latent in us come to life. We are kindling that spark within our hearts and minds to growth.

That may not seem possible considering all is cold and frozen outside, but it is. It is this godly will, this spark, this little light that we must let shine, let it shine forth so that it may never work evil but continually work good in the sight of God.

Give your whole life to Christ and you will soon begin to feel something wonderful taking place in your soul. It will be as though your whole nature was being remade, and it is. A wiser, more compassionate, and more loving self will begin to emerge in your consciousness, and the restraints of the world will lessen.

There is a self that is sometimes content with family and business, and there is another self that God sees, which He views as your true self. There is a portion of that true, eternal self that is one with God. The dividing line between the lower self and the Higher self is not so definite as it appears. To us, the two selves seem as two separate beings, but they are one. The Higher self enfolds more of the consciousness of God than the lower, but lower and higher are the same being. This may be difficult to grasp, but by practicing self-forgetfulness we may be able to accept it more and more.

Lee Dunn

December 4, 2005

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