How can we be dedicated to ourselves? What must we do to promote self-healing, self-expression, self-motivation, self-dedication? How can we be entire unto ourselves?

Certain people and certain things or situations can bring us back to the center of our being. Looking into a lover’s eyes, experiencing a mountain vista, floating over massive ocean waves, enjoying a piece of music, celebrating a religious service, and giving ourselves to others are examples of ways in which the true identity of ourselves can be brought to light. Too often our world is one of thoughts, of conjectures. Too infrequently our world is one of peace, of simplicity. When we seek the things that make us happy, we are really seeking the things that make us real, that make us more like God. It is said that those who have an interesting job and who are married are happier than those who have neither. I believe this to be true. I believe it is important to be happy in your work, to whistle while you work, so to speak. I believe that we have the power within ourselves to discover our perfect path in life, to see what needs to be seen, to hear what needs to be heard, and to say what needs saying. But, I don’t believe that we do it without help.

The guiding hand of our guardian angels are forever keeping us safe from harm, pushing us into directions of peace, giving us help that we didn’t ask for in our most desperate moments. Oftentimes, no, daily, I find messages written in books, in poems, spoken over the radio, in the voices of my friends, written in clouds, in trees, in water, celebrated in the air, that speak of God’s mysteries. How they got there and why is, of course, the deepest mystery, but it is best to remain so.

The messages we receive day to day that speak to our hearts are really the most important ones to follow. Oftentimes, we are faced with a decision between what is asked of us by a boss, a co-worker, a spouse, a friend, a family member, or a prior commitment that can seem like an unsolvable problem. In other words, we have too many spinning plates that we are trying to balance on only two hands. The only spinning plate that really matters is the one that surrounds the heart. The thing that will create the most love, the most harmony, and the most peace is the plate to balance. The one that increases the size of the ego, the size of human thought, or the size of reckless nature, is the one that leads to ruin. How often do we choose one of these plates over the other?

The size of our heart, then, is what decides how truly self-dedicated we are. Society says that this is not the case. I wish, now, to share a story with you from my seventh grade class. We were asked in this class to write down our goals. I had none. I still have none. But, the people next to me all wanted to go to college. So, I wrote down that I, too, wanted to go to college. I have never cared about college or the fact that I have a college degree, now. What matters is what I have done for the welfare of humanity. What matters is how I have put my degree to use.

The letters behind our name, the titles given us, the money in our accounts, the property we own, do not make us who we are. Our opinions, decisions, loved ones, devotions, work, and play make us. We are not what we own. We are what we give.

Another aspect of self-dedication is time. Our whole life, it seems, is made up of time. Some would argue that time does not exist. I believe this to be a perception. Time does not exist when we are in love. And, there are many things that we can truly be in love with. Once, I asked David how long a service was at this Church, and he told me it was about an hour. It seems like five to me. Also, any time spent in the woods, with people I love, in the ocean, adjusting patients, or just having fun seems to last forever. This is what I believe is the eternal life talked about by Jesus in the Gospels.seems to stop. This is how little children live.

Faith is another important part of dedication. Faith can take the form of a state of mind or a state of being. The physical body reflects this spiritual state in many cases. I find that my actual posture improves when I’m around people whom I hold especially dear to my heart. Even hearing their voices can raise my spirits, and therefore, my spine. Faith can happen through a prayer, through a song, through a meditation, or by simply losing one’s self in a familiar activity. And the effects of faith are cumulative. One experience is not enough. That, I believe, is why we go to Church every week. Each new input, each new experience, adds to the next, reinforces the next. Then, after awhile, we start to glow. Others see the light and start to develop a faith of there own. A beautiful chain is formed in which one person’s faith becomes another person’s salvation.

Music is the last part of self-dedication. Don’t be confused and think that I am talking solely of the organ, or of singing. I am talking about the music that is made by the body in love, the brain in a harmonious symphony from the dedication to self-discovery, each part of it coming alive in a different way. I have seen and read and know about the functions of each part of the brain and have seen how each of these parts is reflected in a different bodily function. I believe, strongly, that each part of the brain represents a different spiritual attribute. That attribute is connected to the body through the brain, each organ and muscle being the physical representative of the spiritual function taking place in the world above. That is why love is so good for the eyes, why a new perspective on life can make one breathe easier, and why relaxation or meditation is good for the digestion. It is also why I’ve taken on the skull as my primary focus in chiropractic adjustments. The tone of the human body is nothing more than a reflection of the tone of the human spirit, and the brain, or nervous system, is what forms the link between the two. Healthy mind, healthy body. Healthy spirit, healthy mind. Start high or start low. Eat well, think well, and worship well. This is the best we can do for ourselves.

Noah Strom, Server

August 26, 2007

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