Prayers To Remember


The following form of confession is a gem, typical of Liberal Catholic thinking. Its repeated recitation at every service encourages the person to turn from penitence to restoration of faith, from self-abasement to searching the divinity within humanity. The following Confiteor, i.e., Confession, is repeated by all present before receiving Absolution.

O lord, Thou hast created us to be immortal and made us to be an image of Thine own eternity;

yet often we forget the glory of our heritage and wander from the path which leads to righteousness.

But Thou, O Lord, hast made us for Thyself and our hearts are ever restless till they find their rest in Thee.

Look with the eyes of Thy love upon our manifold imperfections and pardon all our shortcomings,

that we may be filled with the brightness of the everlasting light and become the unspotted mirror of Thy power and the image of Thy goodness;

Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Act Of Faith

We believe that God is love and power and truth and light;
that perfect justice rules the world;
that all his children shall one day reach his feet, however far they stray.

We hold the fatherhood of God,
the brotherhood of all;
we know that we do serve him best when best we serve humanity.

So shall his blessings rest on us,
and peace for evermore.


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