Trinity 16, Justice

Is it not our nature to seek balance and harmony within ourselves? The key to understanding the will of God is in understanding divine order, the cause of all creation. What were we when we were first conceived in the mind of God? Perfect! And God created us in our image, in the image of that thought and the image of all that already existed, the perfect ordered universe, a universe where cause and effect, actions and responses, thoughts and deeds, intentions and aversions, always are being brought into balance in every moment.

Science has proved that certain patterns and proportions form the structure of all living things. There is a perfect order at the beginning of all creation. It has been used in sacred architecture throughout history to bring forth the possibility of a harmonious pattern in our lives. This world is a reflection of the real world, the world of divine order. It is said, “As above, so below.” As beings, we are asked to participate consciously in this work of transformation. We are asked to transform our lives, to bring ourselves into harmony with the divine order, the perfection of God that can be made manifest on earth, according to the degree of our knowledge and our capacity to surrender our hearts to the perfection of God on earth. Each day we can surrender our hearts to this unfolding, allowing ourselves to become an ever-greater vehicle for this truth.

The world seems to be moving toward disorder and chaos, moving away from order and harmony. We can choose not to live in this chaos, choose to live in this moment and live in the harmony and peace that is in the love of God. Remember the words of the Lord’s Prayer: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” This is the prayer of order and peace, this is the prayer of balance and justice. This is the prayer of surrendering our “hearts and minds to Thee,” to the will of God to be made manifest here on earth. We are instruments of that manifestation. We can set an intention outside of time for this to manifest through us. It is a question of continual refinement in each day, in each moment.

What were you when you were just a thought in the mind of God at the beginning of creation? Perfect. In perfection we see God in all creation and all creation in God at the same time. There is no separation and we are the bridge between this moment and eternity. The perfect we, the universe, and all that it contains was created for our unfoldment, and the vastness of the universe is contained within our hearts. Trust in this; trust in God, and trust in love, for God is Love and Power and Truth and Light, and Perfect Justice rules the world.

Rev. Lee Dunn

September 19, 2010

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