Easter 3, 2011

We were visited again this Easter season by the Christ. Though none of us probably actually saw Him, we heard Him—through scriptural means—felt His presence in the Sacrament. He reminded us of the importance of forgiveness, the overriding power of love, the possibilities of compassion.

What if He came to life right now, descended from the altar, and walked down the center aisle? How would He address 21st century people? His focus would probably go far beyond lepers, barley loaves, and commandeering donkeys. The love, compassion, and forgiveness are timeless. He would be in a laptop world, spinning into an ever more interconnected future. Maybe he would find a way to friend everyone on Facebook worldwide. Like the Dalai Lama, here last week in Minneapolis, we would find dimensions of spiritual realities in his words. His Twitters would tweet the sweetest music ever seen on an Iphone/pad.

To open the hearts of dictators and tyrants of countries and corporations would be a welcomed challenge. They Wouldn’t Stand a Chance! Compassion growing in human hearts supplants greed. Forgiveness awakened in a human consciousness is a master over hatred. Love alive in the welcoming arms of a waiting world dispels fear.

We speak of a quickening every Sunday in this church. We are without a doubt immersed in a quickening in this century. Maybe we don’t need a bearded Nazarene to step down from the altar—maybe we can do it ourselves—maybe we are already doing it ourselves.

I’ve always loved the concept of knowledge breeding wisdom—the better, the truer the information, the purer the wisdom. We have to make our mistakes and learn from them in every generation. The current of wisdom flows over and smoothes the jagged stones of ignorance. It becomes stronger and wider with each Arab spring. It becomes stronger and wider with each African and Mideastern renaissance. It becomes stronger and wider with each spiritual renaissance in a world history replete with stops and starts on its long spiritual road.

To hallow, quicken, and bless the people of this church is what we ask of the first Person of the eternal Trinity to do before the communion of each Eucharist. Our hope is that this hallowing reaches beyond our church walls, that this quickening rapidly connects the goodness in the hearts of those beyond our church walls, that this blessing finds no barriers as a servant of the love that bestows it.

In nearly 90 years our church door has opened for many who seek answers—some of those answers are finding the ears of people around the world with an amazing increasing rapidity.

And now to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, three Persons in one God, be ascribed as is most justly due all honor, power, might dominion, now and forevermore. Amen.

Rev. Richard W. Curney

May 15, 2011

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