A Comparison between the Liberal Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church

Some Similarities

Some Differences

Liberal Catholic Roman Catholic
1. Complete freedom of belief. 1. Belief controlled by the Magisterium.
2. Ancient form of the sacraments in the language of the people, and with traditional vestments. 2. Sacraments and vestments “modernized” in 1960s.
3. Women may be ordained up to and including the orders of deacon, priest, and bishop. 3. Women may not be ordained.
4. Open Communion. All those who desire to receive the Body and Blood of the Lord are welcome. 4. Closed Communion. Only Roman Catholics who have not been excommunicated are welcome.
5. Reproductive rights controlled by individuals involved. 5. Reproductive rights controlled by the Magisterium.
6. Divorced remarried members welcome to receive communion. 6. Divorced remarried members forbidden to receive communion.
7. Liturgy sounds a note of joy at the majesty of God. Terms of self-abnegation and denigration removed. 7. Liturgy emphasizes majesty of God but equally emphasizes our unworthiness.
8. Clerical celibacy is optional; clergy may marry. 8. Clerical celibacy is mandatory. Clergy may not marry.
9. Parish property controlled by elected Vestry of church parishioners. 9. Parish property controlled by the clergy hierarchy.
10. Governing body of the Church is a synod of bishops, clergy, and congregations. The bishops elect their own Presiding Bishop. 10. Governance is by the Pope and his delegate bodies.

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