Love, Advent 3

Today we light the rose candle in our Advent wreath to symbolize the intent for the third Sunday in Advent, Love. Love is the entire focus of Christ’s church on earth. The cross in the center of our Altar symbolizes the energies of the Second Ray, Love-Wisdom. C. W. Leadbeater in The Hidden Side of Christian Festivals says “This dramatic change of color in the midst of the season is intended to remind us of that deep and true affection that must underlie and permeate every effort that we make.”

In John 3 we are told “For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Love motivates us, enables us, transforms us. I was a selfish, self-centered young woman nearly 40 years ago, but then love entered my life and began its yeasty work whereby I eventually grew into the person I am today, hopefully no longer selfish and self-centered.

In the current issue of The Edge I noted an article entitled “The Jesus Clause: The Kingdom of God is Within” and I wanted to share a few of author Lenni Gavin’s words from that. She says:

We do not celebrate the birth of Jesus because He came here to die for our sins. In fact, we don’t believe that is why He was born. We believe he came here to show us how to live and how to harness the consciousness of God, which dwells within every human being, Christian or not.

We celebrate Christmas to honor the greatest message Jesus brought to the planet: “Know ye not that ye are Gods?” In one sentence, the authors of the canonical Bible quote Jesus with the most profound truth in the Bible. He told us that we were Gods-just like Him. Jesus was born to manifest the perfection of God in human form. He told us the “kingdom of God was within.”

Jesus guides us to celebrate the birth of Christ Consciousness in all humankind. Jesus was born to show us how to align with the God consciousness that lives within everyone. His vast teachings exist to help us live the best possible life we can live. The core of his teachings is about forgiveness, divine unconditional love, and non- judgement.

This is one of the most powerful times of the year for spiritual development. The actual presence of Jesus, the Being, is more prevalent at this time of the year than any other time. If we will slow down and disconnect from the chaos of the holiday season and truly access the Christ Consciousness within us, we will have honored the very purpose of Jesus’ life: to embrace the power of God that dwells within all humankind so we can do what is our destiny-to make the world a better place. We will finally be on the path to fulfilling the prophecy of Jesus, Who said “This and greater things shall you do.”

From today’s Gospel, Jesus said “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another….” Jesus’ message couldn’t be more plain-His words were specific and clear-we are to love one another. No exceptions, no holding back. You may have seen the bumper sticker that says “God Bless the Whole World, No exceptions.” Let us truly love the whole world, no exceptions. When it’s not easy, let us try all the harder to be forgiving and to see the God within each living soul. That divine spark is there-truly. Sometimes it’s well hidden, but it is there. The God spark in you is the same as the God spark in me and in every other human being on this earth.

In yesterday’s Saint Paul paper I saw a small feature I’d not noticed before. It was entitled “Opportunities to do Good,” and I was struck by the phrasing. Perhaps it’s the regular feature “How You Can Help” retitled, or perhaps it’s been there all along and I’ve just missed it. It listed many ways to help others in need at this time of year. The world is full of opportunities for us to take the love that is in our hearts and bring it out into the open by helping others. Truly, as Jesus said in the Gospel, “love one another.” And do this by making it manifest it in the physical world first.

A little book, The Way of the Sun: White Eagle’s teaching for the festivals of the year, has a chapter on Christmas, and though I am a little early since it is still the third week in Advent, I’d like to share the essay entitled “The Angels and the Little Lights” as it so well complements today’s intent of Love.

At this time, when you are celebrating the birth of the Son of God, you hear so much about the angels coming to the shepherds, and we would remind you all of the help you could receive from the angels if only you would open your hearts to receive their blessings. When you attune yourselves, through love, to the Son, the angels are able to get their help through to you.

And so at Christmas time, when you are wishing each other a happy Christmas, we would like you to think also of the invisible worlds and the mystic presence that is upon the earth at this season; for invisible hosts draw very near to the earth at Christmas, as the Christ spirit is born anew in human hearts.

You sing carols about the coming of angels, but you do not always stop to think about the mighty forces that these angels bring. When you give a Christmas party you invite all your friends and throw wide the door in welcome to them. We would like you to remember your angelic and spiritual visitors and to throw open the door of your soul to receive them at Christmas time. For angel visitors come today even as they came to the shepherds of long ago.

Truly the Christmas festival is as old as the world, and we could tell you of ceremonies that have taken place throughout the ages; we could tell you of sun worship and the lighting of the little lights in the temple. ...These little lights signify the light of the Sun, the Christ, in the human heart. What is this light that lights the human heart at Christmas time? It is kindness, love. If you love, your whole being radiates light.

At Christmas you think of the Son of God as a child, as a babe. He is all that-simple and loving, pure and innocent; but think of Him also as that little light, the greatest gift of God to mankind, born in the human heart-part of that great Sun in the heavens that gives light and life to all creatures. The Son of God is both human and divine, is simple and lowly and gentle as a little babe, and infinitely great, powerful, and life-giving.

Christmas time is the season for illumination, the season for lighting the little lights in the human heart. Let the light shine! Let the Christ love, the Christ spirit, shine forth from you, and you cannot fail to share in the happiness that you are all wishing each other.

And now to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, three Persons in One God, be ascribed as is most justly due all honor, might, power, majesty, and dominion, now and forevermore. Amen.

Rev. Judie A. C. Cilcain

December 13, 2009

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